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Len Howser

Len Howser

Get to know Len Howser:
Spouses name: Judy
Jenny 16, Holly 13, April 7
Favorite family activity: Fast pitch Softball with kids playing, dad coaching and mom keeping score
Funny family memory: Our family dance parties in our living room.  Awesome moves!
Most important thing your parents taught you:
have integrity face to face and when no one is looking
The one thing your parents did that you said you never would, but find yourself doing it now:  Nothing like that.  I’ve always admired my parents and never felt they were out of touch.
Where did you grow up: I grew up in Elyria Township approximately ¼ mile from where my home sits today
As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up: Broadcasting, art, Movies.  Anything that involved the performing or creative arts.
How long have you been in radio:  I’ve been in radio since I was 18 years old!
Favorite Movie: Shrek and any Pixar animated film
The oddest Job you ever had: I’ve never had a very odd job although I had a great time painting houses in the summer my Junior and Senior year with my best friend. 
If you had 10 minutes to yourself with no interruptions what would you do?  Sit in silence and chill.  Preferably lying in the grass under a nice shady tree on an 80 degree day.
Your favorite quote:  Ecclessiastes 13:14 which says in the Bible version The Message, And that's it. Eventually God will bring everything that we do out into the open and judge it according to its hidden intent, whether it's good or evil.”
Have you ever been told you look like a celebrity?:  Ted Danson and Fish Artist Chris Rice.
Hobbies outside work: I’m big time into coaching girls fastpitch softball.  I have 3 daughters who play and so we’ve decided to dive in at a very competitive level.  Beyond that my hobbies all involve being involved with my kids activities.
Clubs or organizations you belong to or volunteer for:  I am a volunteer coach at Little League, Coach fastpitch softball for a travel team and volunteer as a basketball coach for a wonderful Christian program called upward bound basketball.  I do as much as I can with our schools.  My wife Judy and I coordinate the annual Fun Fair at our local elementary school.
How long have you been at The Fish:  Since Day 1, July 1 2001
What is your favorite thing about working here:
I love what we stand, the type of listener we attract and  what people are listening for.
What is your favorite Fish song: There are so many.  I love D.C. talk “In the Light” and “Million Pieces” from the Newsboys, “Indescribable” by Chris Tomlin and “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield
Who is your favorite Fish artist:  Newsboys, Chris Tomlin
When asked to describe Brooke in one word, Len said: passionate
When asked to relay a funny memory about Mark Rein, Len said: It simply has to be Mark's unpredictable practical joking.  I just sit back and look for the next gag.  Most recently someone left a Styrafoam cooler on the vending machine in the kitchen.  Mark professionally labels it “Human Organs for Transplant”.  People have walk by it for months and nobody says anything.  What I enjoy is just imaging what people must be thinking as they look at it.

Len and his family attend Church of the Open Door in Elyria where he is
actively involved in "Marriage Builders" Adult Bible Fellowship.  Len enjoys
golfing, playing tennis, and just about any other sport.  Len "thinks" he's an
artist and enjoys drawing, painting and hopes to write and illustrate a
children's book someday.  His working title for the book is "There's no such
Thing as Monsters."

A perfect day for Len would include watching 30 minutes of Classic Warner
Brothers cartoons in the morning with his kids, a quick 9 holes of golf and
spending the rest of the day with the family at the Metroparks.  Len LOVES
working at THE FISH - "The listening audience is the greatest and most
responsive in all of radio.  Our station and the families who listen stand for the
same thing.  It's all positive and it's all good."  Listen to Len weekday mornings!

Still after all these years The Andy Griffith Show is Len's favorite TV show.

His next big goal is to transfer all of the family video's to a computer, edit
out all of his terrible camera work, then burn them to CD saving an extra copy
at my parents in case my kids get a hold of his copies.

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